MAX a Doha Story

MAX, a Doha Story

Fiction short film written and directed by Andrea Bagney.

Joseph arrives in Doha and is instantly attracted by his beautiful and mysterious hostess. Her husband, she tells him, will be home for dinner, but they have time for a drink before that. Many drinks and many hours later, Joseph seems to forget the strange absence of Max.



Duration: 20′
Cast: Manuel Castillo, Isabelle Stoffel, Julius Williams, Ashiq Abdul Raheem, Franco Buys
Producers: Pedro González Kühn, Andrea Bagney
Executive Producer: Anthea Devotta
Cinematographer: Pablo Bürmann
1st AD: David Casas Riesco
Film Edit: Pedro González Kühn
Sound Design: Sergio Fernández, Javier Fernández
Music: Zeltia Montes
Color: Edu Aranda
A Sintagma production.