Lo Tech Reality

Lo-Tech Reality

Piece created by Guillermo García López, in collaboration with the Underground Resistance collective, from Detroit, inspired by the track Lo-Tech Reality, by “Mad” Mike Banks.


Some visitors arrived from the sky to the city. They’d heard that in that city some people had tools to create hi-tech dreams from lo-tech reality. But they didn’t find any people. Among the sounds of the city, the visitors detected a coded transmission. Attempts to trace the location from which the transmission was broadcasted were null: the visitors realized that it was coming from a future time.


Music: Lo-Tech Reality (UR-071), by Mad Mike

Directing, Cinematography and Film Edit: Guillermo García López

VFX Artist: Miguel Angel D’Errico

Color: Eduardo Aranda

Advisor: Cornelius Harris

Executive Producers: Pedro González Kühn, Marina García López

Thanks to: Andrea Jaurrieta, John Collins, Waajeed, Ray 7, Adrien Koumrouyan, DJ Holographic, Valentin Lucas

A Sintagma and Underground Resistance production.

“One world is a nightmare, the other a second reality. That can only be found, when you find sight of who…”