Ciudad Sin Sueno

Ciudad Sin Sueño

Ciudad Sin Sueño
  • Ciudad Sin Sueño
  • Ciudad Sin Sueño
  • Ciudad Sin Sueño
  • Ciudad Sin Sueño

Fiction feature film written and directed by Guillermo García López.

Ramon, a 13 year-old Roma boy, lives in La Cañada, the biggest illegal settlement in Europe, in Madrid. A universe that Ramon films with his cell phone projecting an imaginary between science fiction and the Roma legends told among his family. This is his way of enjoying the place where he lives, and also his way of escaping the reality that surrounds him. One day, Ramon’s family receives an eviction order: their house will be demolished. Ramon sees a real chance to leave La Cañada behind, unleashing a hidden desire to live a life different from that of his parents, who will do anything to prevent the eviction. Ramon is growing up and, with him, his images. They will evolve from a futuristic fiction to an observation of his present, in which apparitions from the past arise. Ghosts and shadows start to inhabit his life and his images, while Ramon is exhausting all the options he has to escape from his community.


Estimated lenght: 100′
Film format: Super 16mm, Digital 4K
Final format: DCP // 1.66:1 // Color
Locations: Sector 6 of La Cañada Real, Madrid, Spain
Languages: Spanish, Arabic
Country: Spain
A Buena Pinta Media, Encanta Films, Sintagma production


La Résidence de la Cinéfondation – Festival de Cannes (Moulin d’Andé Award), 2020
Spanish Film Academy Residency, 2019
Berlinale Script Station, 2020
Berlinale Talent Project Market – European Co-Production Market Selection, 2021
Torino Film Lab – Script Lab (Special Mention of the CNC Jury), 2020
Ventana CineMad 2020 (Best Fiction Feature Project Award), 2020
CREA Conecta+ 2019 (Best Project Award), 2019
Part of the ICAA selection 10 Promising Spanish Projects in Development at the Marché du Film, 2020
Development funds from the Region of Madrid, 2020